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Do you need someone to assist you with your business continuity, disaster recovery or general disaster preparedness planning? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Keith Erwood – the owner and Editor-in-Chief of the Disaster Preparedness Blog, and owner of Continuity Co. has over 25 years combined experience in emergency management, information technology, and business continuity.

You can hire me by going to the contact page and put Consulting in the subject line and be sure to include your contact information in the message.


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With my background and “real world” disaster experience, I can help you to create a truly complete, robust, and resilient plan for your business recovery. There is far more to disaster planning and business continuity than business impact analyses, risk assessments, data backups, critical business processes, and scenarios. There are the psychological impacts on your workforce, the cascading effects of a disaster or disruption, risks and additional concerns with disaster clean ups, and of course continually new and emerging threats that can have an impact on your business and its potential recovery.

No business is too large or small and since no two businesses are alike, all plans are tailored to the specific business, their needs and requirements. While I do not use template plans, I do use specialized forms for collecting information about your business. For small businesses I use custom forms that conform to the new PS-Prep and Ready.gov guidelines and the NFPA 1600 Standard. For larger businesses and businesses required to have robust continuity plans by industry regulations, standards and other requirements I recommend and utilize the NFPA 1600 Standard along with the NFPA 1600 forms to gather critical information to build your plan.


I have a few different ways you can hire me to help you with your business continuity, disaster recovery and other preparedness needs, all the ways in which you can hire me through Disaster Preparedness Blog are listed below.

Helping You Take Your Disaster Planning To The Next Level

I offer hourly consulting services starting at $160 per hour and require a minimum of 5 hours.

I also offer a FREE 1 hour consultation by phone or in person depending on your location.

If you prefer, you can pick from select packages to fit your needs and requirements below.


Starter Package Consultation $299.00


  • Risk Assessment
  • Insurance review – Does it cover all your needs, concerns, and risks?

Basic Package – $1999.00


  • Business Risk Assessment
  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Insurance Review
  • Document Critical Assets
  • Document Key Contacts
  • Develop quick action plan

Premium Package – $499.00 per month – 1 yr Minimum


  • Complete management of your plan
  • Complete Business Risk Assessment
  • Complete Business Impact Analysis
  • Develop Crisis Communications Plan
  • Evaluate/Develop Data Recovery Plan
  • Develop Hard Asset Protection Plan
  • Develop Intellectual Asset protection Plan (if needed)
  • Conduct two tabletop exercises per year
  • Conduct ongoing plan maintenance quarterly or bi-annual depending on business need
  • Meet quarterly with business owner(s) or Board of Directors to discuss plan options, changes,  current status and recommendations

Critical Asset Consultation $499.00

  • Asset Protection Consultation
  • Hard Asset documentation – Covers things like your computers, equipment, and vehicles
  • Photographing of Critical assets

Data Backup Evaluation & Recommendation Package - $99.00

  • Are you vulnerable to losing your data?
  • Are your backup methods effective?
  • Does it cover everything you need?
  •  Can you access your data from off-site?
  • Solution recommendations to fit your business

Power Backup Evaluation Package - $99.00*

  • Evaluate your power needs
  • Provide solutions to reduce power outage vulnerabilities
  • *If you purchase one of our power backup solutions I deduct the cost of the evaluation

Relocation Evaluation Package - $199.00 Before you move your office, know your risks.

  • Is the building a good choice for your business?
  • Is it safe for your employees, customers, equipment?
  • Are there increased or decreased risks?
  • We can help you find a location that will reduce your risks

Virtual monthly plan builder consultation - $399 per month

  • Hold virtual meetings by phone twice per month
  • Same as Premium Package but done virtual by phone and video.

Virtual Small work groups – Meet once per month - $199

  • Each participant will get a 1 hour one-on-one phone consultation with Keith
  • Group will meet once per month via phone to discuss challenges, share ideas, get further guidance

Workshops - Meet once per month in person - $399

Join a workshop with other fellow business owners/executives/managers and meet once per month in person to discuss contingency planning, share knowledge and lessons learned, gain insight into how other business owners face and overcome challenges and obstacles. Learn best practices to build a robust contingency plan for business. Workshops limited to ten, and a minimum of 6 participants required. This workshop is specifically designed for small and medium businesses.

Included in Workshop:

  • Private One-on-One phone sessions with Keith 2 per month 1 hour each - $3840 Value
  • 2 hour face to face workshop which includes lessons, plan building, round tables, scenarios, and give and take sessions - $3840 Value
  • One year of consulting access to Keith by appointment up to 2 hours per month - $3840 Value
  • Create a Business Continuity Plan tailored to your business - $55,000 + Value
  • GAP/SWOT analysis by Keith and your fellow workshop participants
  • Insurance Reviews - learn options to save on insurance premiums

Total value of over $66,000

*The workshops are limited to the San Francisco Bay Area only at this time.