About The Review Process:

To  have your book or product reviewed on Disaster Preparedness Blog please contact me for specifics on where to send the item.

You will have to send me item you would like reviewed and if I feel the book or product is good and provides value to my readers I will write a review for you.

Sorry, but the item cannot be returned to you once I receive it. I also will reserve the right to give the item away through disaster Preparedness Blog, Facebook,  or on my twitter account. 

Once your item is reviewed we will contact you and send you a link to the review post. Any additional supporting items, such as a one sheet, photos or other information you can provide me will enhance the information we include in the review. I am looking to do video reviews in the future as well.

Sending your item to be reviewed will not guarantee that your item will be reviewed on Disaster Preparedness Blog. If you are still interested in having your item reviewed go to the contact me page and place review in the subject line and I will get back to you.