About Disaster Preparedness Blog

Back when I first started blogging I had no intention of doing something about preparedness, disasters, business continuity, or anything else that has made this blog what it is today.

I started back in 2004, and was not even sure if it was something I was going to do on a regular basis. In fact I did not post on a regular basis at all, and most of it was just some ranting and raving about certain things, and other posts were about what I did that day. So, when I started it was more like an online diary.

Back then, the blog was called the Kerwood Blog (View the old Kerwood Blog). It was hosted on back then, and that link goes to my very first blog post ever.

As I often say, my life has come full circle. I always had an interest in doing what I do today, both on the Disaster Preparedness Blog, and professionally.

I am not sure how it even all started, but at some point I decided I was going to start blogging about disaster preparedness, survival, business continuity and a large range of related topics and subjects including an occasional post on national security and terrorism.

After doing this for a couple of years, I purchased the domain and changed the name to Disaster Preparedness Blog (View the old Disaster Preparedness Blog) and recently added the new logo and site layout you see here today. I think that was in 2006 that I changed the name and format, but don't quote me on that one.

Over the years I have enjoyed providing content and posts to my readers, friends and fans. I thank you all for the wonderful support I have received and the feedback, comments and emails that you send me. Keep them coming.

I have added reviews for books and products that I hope you find useful. This is something that happened after I had a few requests, and since I love to read, I figured why not provide the reviews to my readers. 

Most recently I started to create some podcasts that I have started to add, though a bit slowly, the pace will pick up on the number of podcasts throughout the rest of the year.

The most interesting thing about my starting Disaster Preparedness Blog, is the other things it has led to. I've had opportunities that I would not otherwise have had, had I not started this blog. It has led to speaking engagements, consulting, and a great many other things.

All of this success I attribute to you my loyal readers, friends and fans. I feel like I do not thank you enough, and that I owe my success to you.