Disaster Preparedness Blog has several methods for advertising available for your product or service.

Home Page Advertising:

Disaster Preparedness Blog has up to four slots for advertising on the home page. Advertising on the home page will also have the ad show up when single or archived posts are shown.

Advertising on the home page is $75.00 per month. Purchase Two months at once, get the third month free.

Review Page Advertising:

Disaster Preparedness Blog also has advertising available on our Review page, where we post reviews of products and books.  Currently there are only two advertising slots on this page available.

Advertising on the review page is $50.00 per month.

All advertising slots must conform to the following sizes:

125 x 125

120 x 90

300 x 250

250 x 250

160 x 600

At this time we do not allow for any TEXT based ads on the site. However, we can provide a micro button ad within a single post at a size of 88 x 31 for $200. The price is higher since it will reside at the end of a single post and we will only allow this type of ad once per year, per advertiser so it does not impact site content.

If you do not have graphics available but would like to advertise on our site contact us and we can help you create a suitable graphic for advertising on the site.

Podcast Advertising:

Several options are currently available for advertising within a Disaster Preparedness Blog Podcast.

For $25.00 we will quickly mention your website at the beginning and ending of ONE of our podcasts.

For $50.00 we will do a brief (up to 45 second) commercial of your business, or a select product or service at the beginning of our podcast with a reminder mention of your website at the end of the podcast.

For $99.00 you can sponsor a podcast. We will do a 60 – 90 second commercial of your business, product or service at the beginning of the podcast and we will end with another 10 -30 second spot at the end with your website mentioned. We can also tailor the podcast to content you would like as long as it conforms to the content we would normally provide.

Podcast Page Advertising:

For $50.00 per month you can also have an ad placed directly on our podcast page.


Disaster Preparedness Blog will review your site, and reserves the right to reject any advertising that we feel is in appropriate at any time. Disaster Preparedness Blog will remove any ad to a page that becomes redirected, sold or where content is changed from the original content. No refunds will be provided to pulled ads. Nor will Disaster Preparedness Blog make any guarantees to any advertiser.

To Advertise on Disaster Preparedness Blog go to the CONTACT page and place Advertising in the subject line. Please include contact information and we will be in touch with you shortly.



Disaster Preparedness Blog is also seeking sponsors for the site. If you are interested in Sponsorship opportunities please go to the CONTACT page and enter Sponsor in the subject line along with your contact information and we will be in touch with you shortly.