Link Policy:


I enjoy writing the Disaster Preparedness Blog and sharing articles and information with those of you who read it. I have found it beneficial over the years to include a list of the actual blogs that I read, which are in line with Disaster Preparedness Blog. These only account for the ones I read that are in my niche or similar ones to it, as I read many others as well.

If you have a blog that fits this category and it is not listed here contact me and pass along a link. If I feel it is a fit, and I like your content I'll include yours. Reciprocation is nice, and is of course appreciated, but not 100% necessary.

While this list is entirely for blogs I read, I reserve and retain the right to add and remove links at my sole discretion. 

If you have a website that sells preparedness kits, go-Bags, Bug-Out-Bags, and other emergency preparedness items, I think that is great. However, please do not ask me to link to your site. 

Why will I not add a link to your site you ask? Well, first, let me again tell you I think it is great that you are committed to preparedness. However, I just can't put links from such sites on this blog. There are several reasons for this, the first being that I receive requests like this several times per day. If I started to add links from sites like this (and I used to do so) it eventually degrades the purpose of this blog, which is first and foremost to share preparedness information to people and businesses.

Once a link of this type is up, someone else comes along and says their products are better and they want a link too. Pretty soon, it just turns into a portal for selling preparedness kits and that is not what I want.

The other reason is, I sell kits and provide consultations to companies on customized solutions for their specific needs that includes other value added services that standard kits do not provide. This ends up being counter productive and benefits nobody.

If however you would like to purchase advertising space on Disaster Preparedness Blog, see the page advertise with us and if you are still interested, contact me.