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School Building In Haiti Collapses, At Least Seven Dead

A School that normally has an attendance of 500 students has collapsed in the capital City of Haiti today.

At least seven are confirmed dead as of this writing, with a currently unknown number of students and others buried under rubble.

Though it is not immediately clear why the building collapsed, Haiti has suffered from a great deal of rain, and flooding in the last few months which may have contributed to the weakening of the structure, though this is just speculation on my part right now.



Two Phoenix Companies Fined, Ordered To Develop Risk Management Plan

The EPA just put out a press release about two businesses that were fined, and then ORDERED TO DEVELOP A RISK MANAGEMENT PLAN after an accidental release of 14,000 pounds of anhydrous ammonia.

View the full EPA Press Release.


Obama and McCain Computers Hacked Over The Summer

Both Presidential candidates had their computer systems hacked over the summer by what authorities are saying is an "unknown foreign entity."

Reports of the attack were published yesterday, and authorities who investigated the incident believe whoever it was, was looking for foreign policy information and how the candidates my react in future negotiations.

Originally tech's from the Obama camp believed they had a virus and the next day they were informed that the problem was far more serious according to the report.

"You have a problem way bigger than what you understand," an agent told Obama's team."You have been compromised, and a serious amount of files have been loaded off your system."

Federal agents told Obama's aides that the McCain campaign had suffered a similar attack, which a top McCain official later confirmed.

The Feds assured the Obama team that it had not been hacked by its political opponents. (Obama technical experts later speculated that the hackers were Russian or Chinese.) A security firm retained by the Obama campaign took steps to secure its computer system and end the intrusion. White House and FBI officials had no comment earlier this week.

More about the specifics of the attack can be found on Xssed.

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Russians To Deploy Missiles On Border With Poland

The Russian President Dmitri Medvedev, within hours after the election of Barack Obama as the new US President announced the deployment of Iskander missiles in its Baltic enclave of Kaliningrad next to the border with Poland.

Believed to be a response both to the missile shield deployment in Poland and as a way to test the new administration, thought it does not take over the office until January 20th 2009.

This leaves current President Bush, with the choice of leaving this for the next President to deal with or taking a stance now. It is yet to be known what he will do.

This is also just one of many things the Russian's have done lately to bolster its status and power in the world of late. I have written about some of these things earlier such as New Cold War Heats Up, Is Russia Renewing the Cold War With Words and Actions?, and Russia To Deploy New Nuclear Missile.

Evidence seems to support that the Russians with their new found oil funded wealth will be making a power play for years to come...

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Omar Bid Laden Seeks Asylum In Spain

Osama Bin Laden's son Omar Bin Laden has asked for asylum after flying to Spain. Omar Bin Laden has been denied a British residency request, and has demonstrated continuing loyalty to his father.

No word on the reason for the request has been announced at this time, but The ministry has 72 hours to make a decision, and the petitioner has a right of appeal.

It should be noted that Omar Bin Laden seeks to be an "ambassador for peace" between the Muslim world and the West. Though it seems many are skeptical and seem to be waiting for him to publicly renounce his father.

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