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Tribute To John Solomon of In Case of Emergency, Read Blog

As the title says, this post is a tribute to a fellow blogger, John Solomon who passed away one year ago on November 1, 2010.

I knew John was sick, and not doing well as he told me through email correspondence, but I never knew exactly what his illness was at the time. I would just tell him to get well, and hang on.

My heart sank when I knew that he had not posted in a while, and with things going on in my own life, I had not been by to read his blog. When I did finally get around to going to his blog, I had read the news through a post on his site that he had passed away on November 1, 2010.

By the time I read it on his blog it was already February, 2011. I feel badly that I did not know at the time, but like other bloggers out there, I do not think he really wanted others to know.

Bloggers are a small and close community, and when it comes to the niche we are in, that community is much smaller and in some cases closer than in many others. After all, we are all helping one another and others to prepare and survive.

I was not sure at times when I started blogging in this niche if I wanted to stick with it, but after a few emails with John, I decided to keep going.

His family is currently leaving his blog In Case of Emergency up for all to read. Please stop by and check it out, and read from his pages. I learned a lot from John, and I think you will too. His Obituary was in the New York Times, John Solomon.

God bless you John and may you rest in eternal peace, my thoughts and prayers are with your family.


Disaster Preparation Is Easy With 1800-Prepare

Considering the events of the last week and the storm that will be hitting the east coast hard this weekend I would like to take this time to introduce you to a friend and collogue of mine Paul Faust, who owns the business 1-800-Prepare. Paul is a former fireman and from New York but this is not the only thing he and I have in common.

Like me, Paul decided some time ago that more needed to be done to help people prepare and he launched his business 1-800-Prepare.

If you need quality preparedness kits, supplies and other items visit his site or give him a call at 1-800-Prepare. You can also follow Paul on twitter to see what he is up to.

Also, I’ll be posting some content on a monthly basis on the 1-800-Prepare blog so be sure to check that often as well.


Our New 2012 Series Begins Today – And In Case You Were Not Aware – The Road To The Apocalypse Has Already Begun!

First off – Let me say this right off the bat. I am not a believer in the world ending on December 21, 2012. I do however get asked a lot of questions about 2012, and though far from an expert on anything to do with this date, I’m just not a believer that it marks the end of anything more than an era or place in time.

Now this may seem somewhat contradictory, but it’s really not. What does worry me about this day and event is that it could become a self fulfilling prophecy. That is, if enough people are worried about it, take action on it, it could have an impact. I still think this is unlikely, but I would not say impossible.

There is still about a year and four months plus until December 21, 2012 and I will be using this time to discuss and point out some of the theories of what could happen, how people are preparing for it, and the “experts” on 2012. Since I am not an expert on 2012, the Mayan Calendar, or other 2012 events, I’ll be pointing you to the people I think are experts.

I will say that even though I am not a believer in the world coming to an end on this date, I think it goes without saying we certainly live in interesting times that could cause an apocalyptic event. Food shortages, drug shortages, unprecedented civil unrest, wars, rumors of war, and I am sure you know where I am going with that.

In any case let me know introduce you to someone named Carl Johan Calleman, who is somewhat of a believer in the Mayan end date. However, there is a slight twist since Carl Calleman does not believe in the traditional end date, but that the end will come on October 28, 2011. Furthermore, Calleman believes that we have already entered the beginning of the end starting on August 18, 2011.

You can read more about August 18, 2011 at Before It’s News in an article titled: Today Begins 18 Days of Destruction According To The Mayan Calendar. By the same token I would also recommend reading about Carl Johan Calleman on as well.

If you care to look into Calleman’s theories you can do so directly on his site


Learning From the Post Earthquake Resiliency of Japanese Companies 

Some of the larger businesses that were impacted by the recent Japanese earthquake were able to overcome the disaster and recover remarkably quickly.

How did some companies recover so fast? By being both prepared and working with resources outside of their companies, such as vendors and building the redundancy into the manufacturing and supply chain processes.

In a recent article written by Michael Koploy titled The Post-Tsunami Supply Chain All-Stars | Who Recovered the Fastest and How? he details how some of these companies overcame the worst earthquake in Japanese history.

Check out his article to glean more insight in what these companies did differently and learn what you should be doing at your business.




Yours Truly Featured In Quote On National Best Seller

About a year ago I was asked to review the book Handbook To Practical Disaster Preparedness For The Family.

Since then, the book has become a national best seller and the new expanded and updated second edition has come out. I am also proud to be featured in a quote on the front cover of the book after reviewing the first edition.

Below is an image of the front cover. This book truly is a must read.


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