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Terrorists Seeking Ways to Surgically Implant Explosives into Fliers on International Flights

According to an NBC newswire federal authorities have notified airlines overseas that have flights coming into the United States that terrorists are seeking to create “human bombs” by surgically implanting them inside of a potential suicide bomber.

There is no current indication of an actual threat at this time, but groups are seeking to find ways of carrying out this type of attack. It is important to note here that if they can employ such a device the airlines will not be the only targets and it becomes increasingly difficult to tell if someone is carrying a device in a crowd.

People will have to increasingly rely on things that look out of place and the level of anxiety among other things to locate potential attackers.


Understanding a Disaster Declaration

Too many people, including business owners and even local officials do not fully understand how the process of disaster declarations work. Before the President can make a disaster declaration and commit funds and resources to a disaster the Governor of a State must first make a declaration.

Here is a little bit more on how this process works brought to you by ABC KCAU-TV:

A disaster declaration request can be made by the governor of a state through the regional Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) office to the president of the United States.

 To request a disaster declaration, state and federal officials conduct joint preliminary damage assessments (PDAs) to estimate the extent of the disaster and its impact on individuals and public facilities. This information is then included in the governor's request to show that state and local government can't effectively respond and that federal assistance is necessary.

 If a disaster declaration is declared by the president, federal programs will be activated to assist in disaster response and recovery efforts. The disaster declaration can include means for either public or individual assistance or both.

 Public Assistance: Through the Public Assistance (PA) Grant Program, FEMA provides supplemental federal disaster grant assistance for debris removal, emergency protective measures, and the repair, replacement, or restoration of disaster-damaged, publicly owned facilities and the facilities of certain Private Non-Profit (PNP) organizations. The PA Program can also provide help to lessen potential damages from future events.

 Individual Assistance: Homeowners, renters & businesses owners may be eligible to receive assistance for property that has been damaged or destroyed and whose loss is not covered by insurance. The assistance is not intended to restore damaged property to its condition before the disaster.

 Additional information on rebuilding and recovering from a disaster can be found on the FEMA website at

 The state of Nebraska is currently in the PDA collection and assessment process. Once the process is completed a determination will be made on whether the state has met the damage threshold necessary to request a Disaster Declaration.


Flash Mobs increasingly Being Used to Commit Acts of Violence and Crime

I have discussed with several people the potential for the use of the “Flash Mob” for nefarious purposes in the past. I believe that we will also see a continuing progression of their use for violent and other criminal activities that will have an impact on business and society itself if some of our other forecasts prove to be correct.  

As we have seen over the course of the last year Flash Mobs have turned violent or have been used to carry out violence and other crimes. They have been an issue in various cities particularly in Philadelphia, Chicago and St. Paul as well as several others.

Flash mobs have also been targeting retailers to commit brazen acts of intimidation and theft. Everything from convince stores, to Macy’s, CVS and most recently Sears have been targets of these type of Flash Mobs.

If you are a retailer especially with a presence in a mall the Flash Mob should be something that concerns you. Be sure to discuss this with your employees and consider adding this to your list of risk exposures and work with your security personnel so they are also aware of the issue.

We are also concerned about the potential for other groups to use Flash Mobs for more violent acts, including terrorist attacks.

Below are some video’s showing some of these Flash Mobs in action.








BREAKING NEWS: Al-Qaeda Founder and Leader Osama Bin Laden is Dead

BREAKING: In case you have not heard - The US is in possession of Bin Laden's body, the reports say. President Barack Obama is due to make a statement shortly. Al-Qaeda also announced their spring offensive will launch today.

He was allegedly killed about a week ago, it was a ground operation and he was killed by a bomb or missile in a mansion inside of Islamabad, Pakistan.

The United States is in possession of the body, and DNA tests CONFIRM it is him.

Governments around the world are announcing a heightened security posture sue to his announced death and it is know that Al-Qaeda has announced in the past that they are in possession of a nuclear bomb hidden inside of Europe and that if Bin-Laden is ever killed or captured they will detonate it. 



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