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Taliban Make Comeback Inside Pakistan, Shari'a Law Imposed

The new fledgling government of Pakistan came to an agreement with Taliban fighters and is allowing the Taliban to impose Shari'a Law in the Swat Valley region of Pakistan.

In the agreement, the Pakistan government declared a truce with the Taliban and according to the Associated Press, gave the insurgents dominance in the Swat region by installing a strict regimen of Islamic law amenable to the militants' authority. The pact was spear headed by a hard-line cleric sent to the region to negotiate with the Taliban and persuade them to give up their arms.

In essence, whether or not Pakistan or other nations will admit it openly, this once again gives the Taliban their own territory, and government. With this territory located near Afghanistan, and within the northern territory of Pakistan near the heavily disputed region of Kashmir it presents a huge problem for western nations in the efforts to combat terrorism.

This is a clear set back for the United States, which has remained largely silent on the issue, and posses a direct national security threat on many levels,as it gives the Taliban an opertunuity to rule, and plan openly.

As spring looms in the northern hemisphere, and an increase in troops that are headed for Afghanistan there may well be some tough fighting ahead.

Either way, the stage has been set for the terrorists to effectively plan more attacks against the West from a protected position. Will an invasion of Pakistan happen next?