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FREE App - The Cost of Downtime Calculator

Cost of Downtime Calculator

It is often difficult to know the true economic impacts to a business from disruptions. Be it a large scale regional disaster. Or a small outage that can occur from applications errors, server downtime, or even a power outage.

Now, I have developed the ultimate Cost of Downtime Calculator. You can visit the Cost of Downtime Calculator page directly on Continuity Company to learn more about the capabilities. We also have an option if you want to add in customized and more accurate calculations directly attributed to your business.

The Cost of Downtime Calculator has options for recovery costs, fines and penalties, contractor costs, employee salaries, and several other options. The App includes an internal help page directing you on how to use it, if needed.

I am very proud of the results that the Cost of Downtime Calculator produces. I am sure you will find it quite accurate for your needs as well. You can also use the Cost of Downtime Calculator to calculate what your Recovery Time Objective (RTO) will cost. You could easily use the app to adjust your RTO and discover the Cost/Benefits of your RTO. Maybe it needs to be shorter, or maybe you can afford to slightly extend the RTO. You can now easily calculate your Maximum Allowable Downtime.

The Cost of Downtime Calculator is FREE to download and use. It is Ad supported and the ads can be turned off for $1.99. The initial app is capable of handling nearly all small businesses and most mid-sized organizations. If you need additional functionality you can purchase an upgrade for $9.99 that should cover all your needs.

My team is currently working on an enhanced functionality update that will be available in 2-3 months after we conduct some additional testing.

We are also working on an additional upgrade for enterprise systems that will allow for more detailed calculations. The future enterprise version will also include a minimum and maximum potential losses.

Below is a screen shot from the Cost of Downtime Calculator App. I hope that you like it and will try it out. Remember it is FREE to download.