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Hezbollah Using Mexican Drug Routes To Access United States, Funnel Cash

Earlier this month we did a post on Mexican drug cartels that are working with terrorist groups, that post is:Connection Between Mexican Drug Cartels and Terrorists Clear.

Though this story has not made it's way into the mainstream media, reports about this going on have been around for quite some time. In fact over the last few years small stories have been reported about terrorists, middle-eastern men, and Arabs have been crossing the border.

As early as October of 2001 these reports have been slowly creeping in through various news sources. It is also unknown as far as I can tell how many were crossing the border prior to September 11, 2001 since it appears there was not real tracking of this data prior to the attack.

In 2005 a known Al-Qaeda terrorist was captured near the Mexican boarder, who was watching the movements of police, wildlife, and other people. This happened right near Fort Hancock, TX. It was confirmed that terrorists are moving into the area, learning Spanish, and changing their names to blend in with the Hispanic communities in the region.

The Al-Qaeda terrorists was only captured after he aggravated one of his neighbors who eventually turned him in to the Mexican Authorities, but not before he was already settled into the area for well over a year.

The current spike in violence in Mexico, near the border areas are in part due to the current President of Mexico, Felipe Calderón stepping up actions against the drug cartels and firing corrupt Mexican police officers.

The violence will most likely continue to rise, as the terrorist groups will likely back the drug cartels with financing and weapons further turning the area into a war zone.

Though current administration would like to have you believe the Mexican drug cartels are obtaining their weapons from U.S. citizens selling arms across the boarder, the drug cartels are increasingly using advanced weapons such as rocket launchers and grenades likely to come from sources other than the U.S.

Starting this past weekend reports of Hezbollah using the Mexican boarder to get money out of the U.S. to further fund terror operations around the world is on the rise.

Though no confirmed actions against the U.S. from Hezbollah have occurred as yet, it does present an increasingly troublesome situation. Terror operatives are inside the U.S. they are using our porous boarder with Mexico to further their cause, and as I stated in the post above, it may only be a matter of time before we see one of these terror groups take over a Mexican city or town near our border to lauch operations against the United States.



Laid Off Workers and Unions In France Resort To "Bossnapping" For Better Severance

The financial crisis has given rise to a new strategy and term called "bossnapping" in France. So far this phenomenon has only occurred in France and has not spread outside the Country but it may embolden people and groups to act in similar fashion throughout the European Union.

Though it has also not spread to the United States at this time, the actions in France were started by union labor and the United States has seen a rise in union organized protests around certain aspects of the financial crisis, so this may not be outside the realm of possibility if the financial crisis continues to worsen leading to lay offs.

The companies affected were Sony and 3M with the Sony executive being the first and held in his office for a night. The Sony executive was released only after agreeing to hold future talks for better severance pay for the workers who lost their jobs.The incident at Sony happened about two weeks ago.

The more recent case of "bossnapping" at 3M occurred yesterday, and he is still being held as far as sources say at this time.

According to Jean-Francois Caparros of Force Ouvriere union Luc Rousselet, a 3M industrial director, was being held as a "bargaining chip" and also stated "Until we have a commitment from 3M that they will increase pay packets and are ready to discuss our conditions for negotiations, then Mr. Rousselet will have to remain here," Force Ouvriere's Jean-Francois Caparros said. "It is out of the question that he leaves without discussing our conditions."

The most troubling part of the incident is that in both cases the police refused to step in and stated that these were radical tactics and considered to be part of the negotiation process and that no harm would come to the executives being held.

According to other sources this seems to be a growing trend in severance negotiations through France and has occurred a few other times in the past year, though we could find no other reports of such occurrences.

Last week, in another sign of growing labour unrest, angry workers from the Continental tyre firm burst into a management meeting in the Champagne town of Reims and pelted their bosses with eggs to protest at the closure of their plant.

Outside their colleagues hung effigies of managers and threw shoes and other projectiles at them.

"This sort of thing will inevitably happen again," said Bruno Lemerle of the CGT union in the Peugeot car plant in Sochaux, France's biggest factory.

"Those who sow misery reap fury. The violence is done by those who cut jobs, not by those who try to defend them," he said.

The executive from 3M was released late last night.




Millions Seized At United States and Mexican Border Since March 1st

The DHS put out a Press Release today to announce the seizure of Millions of dollars headed across the border.

See the full DHS Press Release.

Partial Statement from the Press Release below:


On March 6, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers in Texas assisted the Laredo Police Department in the seizure of $1.2 million in U.S. currency hidden in rolls of carpet inside a tractor-trailer driving southbound on Interstate Highway 35. On March 3, CBP officers worked with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents to act on an anonymous tip and intercept a southbound SUV with Mexico plates, and found a non-factory compartment made of steel and wrapped with lead containing $1.45 million U.S. currency concealed in the roof of the vehicle. And on March 1, CBP officers conducting outbound operations selected an SUV for inspection and discovered $561,132 hidden in the spare tire and inside a powdered detergent box.

“Our agents and officers, working together with local law enforcement agencies, are preventing millions of dollars from crossing the border into Mexico,” said Secretary Napolitano. “In stopping the funds that fuel the drug war, we will stifle cartel activity in the United States while helping our neighbors to the south by cracking down on illegal cash before it gets there.”


Just yesterday we posted a story on how bad and widespread the problem is. See our post: Connection Between Mexican Drug Cartels and Terrorists Clear


Obama's Marine One Classified Data Leaked Over P2P, Found On Iranian Computer

The highly classified Helicopter that carries the President of the United States, known as Marine One has been leaked, compromising its security and usefulness.

According to Gormley, Tiversa first found information about Marine One's avionics floating around on file-sharing networks last summer and notified the contractor and the authorities about the discovery. Last week's search shows that copies of the document are still available on P2P networks to anyone who knows how to look for it, he said.

To read more please refer to the Computer World Reference Below.


GovSec Conference Taking Place March 11-12

I have been asked to share Information on the following event, so here you go:

Government Security Expo & Conference; known as GovSec and U.S. Law. The Expo is being held on March 11-12, 2009 at Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC. Feel free to share this information with those in your circles!

Established a year after the September 11, 2001 attacks, GovSec features tools, systems, and products that meet the security needs of federal, state, and local governments and the U.S. military. These include asset protection, cyber and information protection, terrorism and information technology, detection systems, disaster preparedness & recovery, specialty & security services, IT systems & security, intrusion detection/perimeter security & surveillance and public safety & law enforcement. To learn more about GovSec briefings, please visit:

To register for the Expo: *

* While the Expo is free for qualified attendees with pre-registration, there is a fee for the Conference.
** Conference fees apply.