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Should You Invest In Gold, Silver or Other Precious Metals? A Preppers Perspective

Unless you have been living under a rock (which may not be a bad idea) you know that we are in the middle of a financial crisis, that looks like it will continue for some time, and may even worsen. Many people have been turning to Gold, Silver and other precious metals, as well as some other commodities as an investment to hedge against inflation

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Are Store Bought Survival Kits All I Really Need To Survive On?

As a preparedness expert, I get asked a lot of questions. Such as, How much water do I really need? and, What do those survival bars taste like? When should I stay put, and when should I go? These are all good questions. Today I want to answer one of the most common questions I get as far as home preparedness goes. And that is: Are those store bought or pre-made survival kits any good or all I need to survive?

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What Does Preparedness Mean To You? Tell Me and You May Win A Prize

Preparedness and being prepared mean different things to different people. To many people being prepared means having enough water and canned food, or power bars to get them through a couple of days. To others it means being ready to survive for a year or more on their own.

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Safecastle Giveaway on $6,000 Worth of Gear and Supplies

Recently I joined and noticed they are having a contest through the forum where Safecastle is giving away $6,000 worth of gear with a winner everyday for the month of March.

If you are new to survival and preparedness it is a great place to get information, make friends and perhaps have a chance at winning some great gear and supplies.



Nuclear Attacks May Be More Likely In Coming Years and How To Survive One

The North Koreans have stated they are going to re-establish their nuclear capabilities. The Iranians are actively seeking nuclear material and believed to be seeking nuclear weapons. The Pakistanis already have what is believed to be 120-200 nuclear war heads.

In addition Pakistan has allegedly started making more weapons, though they publicly deny it, they also have the worst history as far as spreading nuclear knowledge and have assisted in nuclear proliferation in the past. Worse still Pakistan is being over-run by radical fundamentalists that would like nothing more than to destroy the United States and its allies.

Reportedly, though unconfirmed some of these radicals in Pakistan may already be in control of some of the nuclear sites within the country.

The likely hood of a nuclear attack inside the United States is increasing day by day, and I am not just talking about dirty bombs, but actual nuclear weapons.

Whether it is from a small suitcase type weapon, small nuclear device or bomb inside a truck, a missile launched from a ship close to our shore or even an ICBM launched by another state or group the threat is real.

Though I hope and pray I am incorrect this could happen in a time frame sooner than you may think, even in the next 3 to 10 years. In truth it may even happen tomorrow since I can't say when for certain, but you must know that the capability for it happening upon us.

The Missile Defense Program, which has seen much success has also taken a hit further reducing our capabilities to respond to several types of these attacks.

In addition we are completely unprepared right now for such an attack. Both from a national security stand point and in our private sector.

Think about it. If such an attack were to occur right now. Today. Would you even know what to do to survive? Most people do not know what to do.

Though there are a number of things you can do to prepare for such an attack, one thing is learning what you can do to better your chances for survival.

Below is a video from TED presented by Irwin Redlener on Surviving a Nuclear Attack. It is an excellent resource and a great place to start in learning what you can do to survive.

Hope you enjoy it.