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Earthquake Hit Indonesia Monday, Measured 7.5 Magnitude

On Monday a large 7.5 earthquake hit the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, leveling approximately 10,000 homes, and injuring about 150 people. Also reported are six deaths at this time, though reports are still coming in. The quake was originally give a magnitude of 7.8 before being downgraded.

It seems that the large quake is not getting much attention due to the world wide Financial Crisis.

While there was an initial tsunami warning it was canceled a short while after the quake. I beleive they have had two aftershocks measuring around 5.5 in magnitude though I can only confirm one at this time.

I will make some updates if I can get more information soon.

Here is a post I did this past spring with some earthquake safety tips, it is always good to keep these in mind when living in or visiting an earthquake prone area.

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Bali Bombers Executed, Calls For Revenge Made

Indonesia Reacts To Bali Bombers Execution

The three men that were convicted of the 2002 Bali bombings that killed 202 people were executed by firing squad early Sunday morning.

The Bali attacks, which occurred on Oct. 12, 2002, involved two major bombs: one set off inside a nightclub popular with Western tourists in the busy Kuta beach area and another in a truck outside a nearby club that killed dozens of people trying to escape. A third, smaller bomb exploded outside the American Consulate in Denpasar but caused no injuries.

The bombings inspired the Indonesian government to act more forcefully against Islamic militants.

Government officials stepped up security at hotels, shopping centers and embassies in the capital as well as near the prison and in the bombers’ hometowns, anticipating possible retaliatory attacks. Security has also been increased in Bali, where thousands of Australian students are now spending their holidays despite travel warnings issued by the Australian government.

Eighty-eight of the people killed in the Bali bombings were Australians, and though many were expressing relief at the executions many in the Country were also calling for a ban on executions at the same time. Though many feel that the ban should be passed only after the execution of the Bali bombers.

Threats of revenge are being called for after the executions, the Country and City of Bali remain on high alert.

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