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Earthquake Hit Indonesia Monday, Measured 7.5 Magnitude

On Monday a large 7.5 earthquake hit the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, leveling approximately 10,000 homes, and injuring about 150 people. Also reported are six deaths at this time, though reports are still coming in. The quake was originally give a magnitude of 7.8 before being downgraded.

It seems that the large quake is not getting much attention due to the world wide Financial Crisis.

While there was an initial tsunami warning it was canceled a short while after the quake. I beleive they have had two aftershocks measuring around 5.5 in magnitude though I can only confirm one at this time.

I will make some updates if I can get more information soon.

Here is a post I did this past spring with some earthquake safety tips, it is always good to keep these in mind when living in or visiting an earthquake prone area.

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Golden Guardian 2008 Starting 10:00 AM PST

Today at 10:00 AM PST the largest earthquake drill and exercise in history is taking place.

Golden Guardian 2008, The Great Southern California Shakeout is now taking place. It is based on a magnitude 7.8 earthquake on the San Andreas fault.


Iranian Earthqauke May Have Been Nuclear Test

DOD Priscilla Test Photo

According to a newspaper report this weekends 5.0 Magnitude earthquake in southern Iran, may have actually been a nuclear test.

This report would also put the Iranians well ahead of the projected three month date of developing a weapon according to recent intelligence reports. But as we all know intelligence reports are not always spot on.

Questions remain, such as is this report accurate, though I have my own doubts to the validity of the report. If this is true however, how much left over material do they have to develop more weapons? How many weapons do they now have?

Of course with the help they have received from the Russians they may well be ahead of the game and are either very close to obtaining the weapon or may already secretly have several weapons.

One thing however holds true no matter if they already have the weapon, or will develop one in the near future, they will have to test it to show the West they have it for certain.

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Source 3 -- to show that earthquake occurred.
Source 4 -- second earthquake source.


Silver Sentinel, Major Disaster Preparedness Exercise

Today I will be at the Alameda County Sheriffs Office EOC for the Silver Sentinel exercise.

The exercise is based on a major earthquake hitting the Bay Area, and takes place approximately 48 hours after the earthquake hitting. Which is also the 140 year anniversary of the Hayward fault earthquake that happened in 1868 and was a magnitude 6.9 - 7.0 quake.

During 1868 only 26,000 people lived in the area and about 36 people lost their lives, today about 2 million people live in the same area.

For more about the 1868 earthquake please visit: 1868 Hayward Earthquake Alliance.

The exercise will last from 10:00 AM until 2:00 PM

I will edit this post later with more information.

UPDATE: Overall the Silver Sentinel exercise was a large success with many participants from various public and private entities.

The only difference I would like to add here from what I wrote previously above is that the exercise took place 3 days after a 6.9 earthquake along the Hayward fault.

I have written several times about earthquakes and earthquake safety please be sure to check these stories for useful information on what to do if there is an earthquake in your area.

In another post I spoke about how to safely install a generator which will come in handy after a power loss. Two main rules to remember is never to run a generator indoors or in an inclosed area, and never refuel a generator while it is running.


4.2 Earthquake In East Bay

An earthquake just occurred as I was writing my last post at around 9:00 PM.

The earthquake happened in the Alamo, CA area and my wife and I hear the rumble and then felt one small jolt then a quick moderate jolt.

No damage that we are aware of in the area.

Here is more information from the USGS.