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Free Home Inventory App - Exactly What You Need to Document Your Items In Case of Disaster

I’ve recommended a variety of products on this site in the past. This is the first time I am going to recommend an App. After a disaster or any event where you incur a loss it is often hard to remember every item that you no longer have.

Trust me, even if you have a good memory like I do, it is hard to remember everything. Recently I came across a free app from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) that helps you create a scrap book of the items in your home. The App is called myHome

I have been preaching that people list items in their homes for a long time. Let’s be honest though, it is difficult to list and catalog everything. Having this app makes it easy and convenient to photograph, list and make notes on your most important items, if not everything.

Since installing the myHome I have documentied everything in my master bedroom and office. Next is the garage and that will be a big task, believe me.

While the App does not have every feature one would want, it does make the cataloging easy and convenient. Considering most Americans do not have a home inventory list this is one of the easiest ways I have seen to create one. Plus it is free, so there is no reason not to give it a try.

For more information on creating a home inventory just click on the link. To get the App for an Apple product – go here:


For an Android product go here:


Get Started on your home  inventory today.


What You Really Need To Know About Solar Storms and How To Protect Against Their Impacts

The Solar Storm Threat has been a very big topic for quite a while. In fact it has been the top searched and read topic of all my posts in the last year. The latest post I did here on this subject has over 300 views just this month alone. 

That post is: Protecting Against Solar Flares, Electromagnetic Pulse, and Geomagnetic Storms

While that post is a good one I wrote in haste almost a year ago now and could not get into the topic as in depth as I would have liked. I was however able to write a 2 part series on this topic that explains in more detail how these events occur and what kind of impact they produce. 

There is still so much misconception out there on this topic and many of it reproduced by well meaning people. Though I can't copy these articles since when I wrote them and they were published I no longer own the copyright to them. I can however provide links to the actual articles.

Please take the time to read them if this is a topic that interests you and I am sure you will learn a great deal. In Part 1 I discuss how these events happen usually, but not always starting with a massive solar flare. Still in Part 1 I also talk about the effects and impacts.

Then in Part 2 i mention actual ways to protect against the electromagnetic or geomagnetic storm that is produced. It does not cover everything by any means and I suggest you purchase the book I reference for further reading.

I present to you:

The Solar Storm Threat | Part 1: How Solar Flares & CMEs Can Impact Your Business

The Solar Storm Threat | Part 2: Basic Steps You Can Take To Protect Your Business

Let me know your thoughts, any feedback, and if you have tried experiments on your own. Also, in case you are not aware. These same protections are effective to protect against an EMP as well.


Home Security Follow Up - Some Things I've Done In My Own Home

In the last post I talked about Home Security Considerations. Now, I'd like to follow up a bit and tell you more about what I have done with my home. While I will not cover everything we did in our home for obvious reasons I plan on giving you some low cost but effective means and examples of what you can do to secure your premises.

To start off with I have a security door on the front door of our home. I am planning on adding an additional security door on the side garage entrance as well in the future. However I do have a reinforced door on that entrance but we'll get to that later.

These doors are great for a number of reasons. First I can have my main door open and still provide security for anyone in the home. It allows me to answer the door, talk with whomever is there and provides protection to those inside. I'm including some pictures of products from Amazon so you can see exactly what I am talking about and recommending.

 The next thing I did was to install several of these door reinforcement locks. They are designed to resist up to 8,000 lbs of force and I have them on all exterior doors and some interior doors. The great thing about adding these to interior doors is they buy you more time in the event of an intruder and act almost as a poor man's safe room. When minutes count it may be just what you need until the police arrive. 

Another thing I did was to add motion detection lights around my home. I have these in the back, front and sides of the house. The ones I put up are very bright - 250 Lumens and are enough to light up my entire back yard.



As promised I have two photos as examples of what I have done:

Interior Garage Door

Exterior Garage Door

I am leaving stuff out of course because I don't want to give every detail of my home security improvements away. I would love to hear about what you are doing both as a regular home security plan or improvement and for those bug-in situations.


Home Security Considerations 

Home security is an oft overlooked preparedness measure and should be thought about and planned out well in advance. First, there are two ways we are going to look at security here; your everyday security and security for a bugging-in situation.

Click to read more ...


Stove in a Can Contest Giveaway

Be sure to check out my review of Stove in a Can and tell me what you think of the review and why you want a FREE Stove in a Can to add to your preparedness supplies.

This contest is open until June 6th 2012 until Midnight and we will choose one winner at random that leaves a comment following the rules.


ALL comments are moderated so it you do not see your comment posted right away, do not worry they will be posted before we announce the winner.

Good luck everyone I can't wait to give this item to one of my lucky readers.