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Woman Announces Shopping Spree at Burlington Coat Factory and Causes Riot

Imagine if someone showed up to your business and announced they would purchase items for everyone there. In fact they would be willing to spend $500 for each of your customers.

Sounds like it would be good for you and your customers, doesn't it? Now imagine all of your customers at that location each called five or ten other people and soon your store was filled with 500 people and another 1000 outside waiting to get in. 

The truth is, this really did happen, but it is only the first part of the story and it actually happened. However, the real problem began when the woman left to go to the bank and returned with no money.

After the woman didn't have the money, angry customers began throwing merchandise onto the floor and leaving the store without paying for them. Some people still wanted their "free stuff" and a riot ensued.

The woman Linda Brown, who rented a strech limo and stated she just won the lottery was arrested.

Now I ask you, what is your plan to deal with something like this?

There are a number of other emerging threats out there that are causing problems and potential problems for many businesses. We will be writing about them here in our new "Emerging Threats" category to highlight them and bring attention to them.

Embedded video from CNN Video