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Review of The Book: Noah's Castle

Recently I had the pleasure of being sent a copy of Noah's Castle for review. The book is a work of fiction written by a successful and noted publisher John Rowe Townsend, from the United Kingdom.

Noah's Castle, which is actually being republished through October Mist Publishing, enjoyed much success in England where the story takes place and was turned into a mini series for British television in 1980.

While Noah's Castle is a work of fiction intended for young adults, it will appeal to older adults as it details the lives of a family and some of their acquaintances through a complete economic collapse of England. The book is a very fitting topic for the global economic climate today and it will be easy to envision a situation where something like this could take place.

Let me just say that I actually had a hard time putting it down and found myself pulled into the story trying to anticipate, though incorrectly, what might happen next. Whether you are into preparedness, or just interested in a story fitting for our times, I believe you'll enjoy following along as a family struggles to survive and stay together in a tough economic climate. As moral dilemmas arise from the times the struggle intensifies, and a family fights for what they believe is right as individuals. Can they survive the collapse or will it tear them apart?

I don't want to give too much away about the book and its story line, because this is one book I want you to pick up and read for yourself.

Here is a brief description of the book from the publisher:

A family fights to survive as England starves...

Written by award-winning author John Rowe Townsend, Noah's Castle tells the story of a family fighting to survive a total collapse of the British economy as money becomes worthless, food becomes scarce, and the nation starves.

As conditions worsen, how do people react? When does the law-and-order break down and civilized behavior end? How do people balance the needs of their family against those of society?

Noah's Castle examines these questions but doesn't provide easy answers, resulting in a unique and thought-provoking tale of survival.

View and read the full one sheet of Noah’s Castle.

Disaster Preparedness Blog gives Noah's Castle: 4 1/2 Stars


Pick up your copy of Noah's Castle today.  You will not be disappointed!