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Cause For Concern? Iran States They Successfully Launched Satellite Into Space

Photo by WharmanSending off alarm signals around the world, Iran announced the successful launch of their first domestically made satellite into space.

The U.S. State Department said Iran’s development of a space-launch vehicle gives the country the “technical basis” to develop long-range ballistic missile systems.

At a time when world pressure on Iran is building against their nuclear program, it may pose more trouble to the Obama administration at a time when they are attempting to reach out to Iran to establish a dialog.

Even France is worried and has expressed concern over the launch of the Satellite.

Though this may cause more international pressure to increase against Iran, time is running short. I personally doubt much will be done to stop Iran.

If nothing is done, they will not only have a nuclear weapon but the capability to launch  long range missiles as well.


Al-Qaeda Experiments with Weapons of Mass Destruction Goes Badly, Kills Operatives

UPDATE: In the post I put up yesterday Plague Killing off Al-Qaeda Terrorists it appears that as I suspected it may have been a botched case of Al-Qaeda experimenting with unconventional weapons.

Though unconfirmed reports are now coming in stating that it is not plague, it only states that it was either biological or chemical in nature, but intelligence sources are unsure of the exact nature of the agent.

We will update this story further as information becomes available.


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